Victorian House Restorations

London’s streets are lined with Victorian houses which were built in their millions during the industrial revolution. They are an essential part of the character of many of our neighbourhoods, and a range of legislation has been introduced by local authorities and Historic England to protect them.

If you want to look after your Victorian home, restoration works must be carried out by tradespeople familiar with conservation construction which cares for the historic fabric while ensuring that any additions are sympathetic to the original structure.

We offer the following restoration works for Victorian homes in London:

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Why is it important to look after Victorian homes?

Victorian homes are characterised by clay bricks, lime mortar, slate roofs and single-pane timber sash windows. Decorative plasterwork, stucco and ironwork is also common both on the interior and exterior.

Large sections of London are designated as Conservation Areas, which usually put restrictions on the alteration of distinctive period features, especially on the street-facing side of the house. Then there are listed buildings, where any works on the house, inside or out, must be approved by Heritage Officers in addition to the local authority.

Even if your property isn’t protected, you should still preserve its Victorian features as much as possible. Their timeless aesthetic has proven to age better than any of the design trends that have come and gone over the years. And if you don’t appreciate the historic value of Victorian architecture, you should still care about its monetary value.

Authentic period details are one of the main selling points used by estate agents, and a well-maintained Victorian home with distinctive period characters and a high quality finish will always sell more than one that’s been subject to years of slapdash conversions and repairs.

What is Environ’s approach to Victorian restoration?

Once historic fabric has been lost, it can’t be brought back. Preservation and restoration of original features should always be prioritised over “improvements” and, if historic fabric is beyond saving, then it should be replaced with period-appropriate replicas with matching materials and design.

But the responsibility of looking after a Victorian property doesn’t mean it has to be stuck in the past.

We have a team of contractors and tradespeople who are skilled in both traditional and current building work, allowing us to update Victorian properties to have all the conveniences of a modern home while preserving their original unique charm and character.

For example, where permitted, walls can be removed to open up cramped, dark rooms into bright open plan spaces; precision-cut joinery call fill in awkward nooks and crannies to square off rooms and maximise space; new plumbing, wiring, AV systems and lighting provide cutting edge functionality without altering your home’s appearance.

Our property services team is led by director Terry Clark, a trained member of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, an organisation dedicated to developing knowledge and research towards the conservation of period buildings.

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