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Don’t let damp destroy your London property.

Once damp finds its way into a building, it will eat away at the structure and spread aggressive, reeking mould until it’s stopped. There is no quick fix, there is no way to hide it from surveyors and if you ignore it, it will only get worse.

But there is good news: in all our years of business, Environ’s never found a damp problem we haven’t been able to fix. Sometimes it’s a tough job, sometimes we find buildings so damaged that they’re no longer safe to inhabit, but no matter what, we will get rid of damp – guaranteed.

If you want to find out how we’d banish damp from your property and protect it in the future, click here to book your free, no obligation site survey and quote.

Why Environ? Because You Won’t Need Anyone Else

Damp proofing company

Environ is more than just a damp proofing company, we’re a team of highly skilled tradespeople who can take care of every part of a damp proofing job, from plumbers and electricians to plasterers and brickmasons. No matter how much your property needs to be taken apart to eradicate damp, we’ll put it back together just how you remember it – or even better.

We’re also approved by Sovereign, a world-class provider of damp proofing products who are appointed by the royal family. This gives us access to their exclusive range of products and backs up all our damp proofing jobs with Sovereign guarantees lasting 15-25 years.

Rising Damp Treatment

How we treat rising damp

There’s only one treatment for rising damp: repairing or installing a damp proof course (DPC). It’s a difficult and costly job, so before we treat your rising damp, we need to make sure we accurately diagnose it.

Cowboy damp proofers are notorious for misdiagnosing other types of damp as rising damp so that they can charge a small fortune for DPC repair or installation. At Environ, we’ll provide you with hard evidence of rising damp before we start digging around beneath your property.

If you do need rising damp treatment, the last thing you want is for the damp to come back a few years later. At Environ, our rising damp treatment is built to last, with a 15-25 year guarantee that your damp won’t return.

To learn more about rising damp read our “What causes rising damp” guide.

Penetrating Damp Treatment

How we penetrating damp

You can’t just paint over penetrating damp and hope it goes away. If you don’t find the cause, water can eat away at your property until what could have been a quick fix becomes a serious and expensive structural issue.

There are many causes for penetrating damp, from blocked gutters or decayed pointing to broken plumbing or cracked walls. Any way that unwanted water can get into your property can cause penetrating damp.

Treating penetrating damp is part detective work, part craftsmanship. Our damp experts will first perform a free, top-to-bottom survey of your property to find what’s causing your penetrating damp, then fix it with specialist damp proofing materials and a flawless finish.

To learn more about penetrating damp read our “What causes penetrating damp” guide.

Damp Walls Treatment

How we treat damp walls

Are your walls wet to the touch but with no signs of structural damp? Then there’s probably too much moisture in the air, which settles on the walls as condensation.

Condensation is the most common cause of damp, and luckily it’s also the easiest and cheapest to fix. Simply installing a PIV unit in your property will push out the wet, stale air and keep your walls and windows dry and mould-free.

We provide the cheapest PIV installation in London and, like all our damp treatments, we include a guarantee that your damp won’t return. And with a running cost of just pennies a day, you can get rid of condensation without breaking the bank.

Free Damp Survey

Whether you’re a family home or a bustling business, our damp surveys are entirely free of charge.

This survey tells you what’s causing your damp, what we can do to fix how much it would cost. Our damp experts are always happy to tour you around the property to show you what they’ve found and explain their solutions.

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Damp Proofing Services

Rising Damp Treatment

Rising damp treatment

Rising damp is a serious issue but often misdiagnosed. Don’t trust the cowboys, call Environ today for your free survey from one of our qualified damp experts.

Free Damp Survey

Damp survey

Don't ignore damp - it can damage the structure of your property. Book your free survey to find out the best way to treat your damp problem

Brickwork Repointing Service

Brickwork repointing

Decayed pointing is more than ugly, it exposes walls to frost damage and damp. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse, book your repointing from Environ now.

Damp Advice & Information

What Causes Lateral Damp?

Lateral damp is caused by groundwater which has saturated your walls or floors. It’s most common in basements and more severe in areas with a high water level.

What Causes Lateral Damp?

What is Lateral Damp?

Lateral damp is common in basements, where groundwater seeps through the walls. If untreated, moisture-attracting salts from soil accelerate the spread of damp.

What is Lateral Damp?

What is penetrating damp?

Penetrating damp is damp which comes from exterior defects or leaking plumbing. If left untreated it can lead to mould, rot or even dangerous structural issues.

What is penetrating damp?

What Causes Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating damp has many causes, from plumbing and drains to tiles and cracks. Some can be fixed with a bit of DIY, others require a help from a professional.

What Causes Penetrating Damp?

How to treat penetrating damp

How To Treat Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp needs to be treated ASAP to prevent property damage and mould. Read our blog to find out how we identify, treat and repair penetrating damp.

How To Treat Penetrating Damp

Pointing causing damp

Is My Pointing Causing Damp?

Decayed or poor quality pointing damages bricks and leads to penetrating damp. Read our blog to learn how to spot problem pointing and how it harms your walls.

Is My Pointing Causing Damp?

Rising damp causes

What Causes Rising Damp?

Rising damp worrying you? Learn how to identify rising damp and what causes it in this blog by damp expert and Environ Property Services founder, Terry Clark.

What Causes Rising Damp?

How To Treat Lateral Damp

What is lateral damp, how can you spot it and what’s the best way to treat it? Answer all these questions and more with our guide from damp expert Terry Clark.

How To Treat Lateral Damp

Damp advice

How To Avoid Damp Scams

During many of our damp works, we discover properties that have fallen victim to damp scams

How To Avoid Damp Scams

Basement damp

Why is My Basement Damp

In London, it can be difficult to find the room or get permission to extend your property. This means that more and more people are turning to their basements for extra space.

Why is My Basement Damp

How to treat rising damp

How To Treat Rising Damp

Find out how to spot rising damp, what causes it and the best way to treat it with this handy guide from Terry Clark, damp expert at Environ Property Services.

How To Treat Rising Damp

Damp from chimney

Is Damp Coming from My Chimney?

Damp from your chimney can lead to rotten roof timbers and expensive repairs. Discover the causes of a leaky chimney with this blog by damp expert Terry Clark.

Is Damp Coming from My Chimney?


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